Malibu Summer Rose Cocktail FRIDAY

This week’s special drink is going to be the Malibu Summer Rose Cocktail. I saw it on Pinterest, it had thousands of repins, and I liked the pretty colors. That is basically my criteria for every drink I ever try.

(video here)

You can find the original recipe over at The Blond Cook and you’ll see I already managed to mess up the ingredients in my video. Cranberry juice…orange juices…they’re interchangeable right?

Have a great weekend!

New Pork Cut Names And 10 for $10 Recipe Collection

Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of  The National Pork Board. The opinions and text are all mine.

I was recently challenged by The National Pork Board to come up with a delicious grilled pork recipe for under $10 and I’m fairly certain my Grilled Barbecue Pork Pizza Wrap is the BEST recipe you’ll find in the 10 for $10 Recipe Collection. It’s a mouthful, I know. Just wait until you try it. I had so much fun grilling up pork and my practically paleo husband really appreciates my new pork recipe interest (he cheated for my wrap, but you could easily modify it for the Paleo Diet).

The reason for this introduction to so many wonderful pork recipes is because The National Pork Board recently collaborated with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association to help create new pork cut names that will match names of popular cuts of beef for easier identification and preparation. “The new names are designed to reflect the names of cuts of meat that shoppers are already familiar with – making it easier for you to select and prepare juicy, tender and flavorful pork this grilling season.” (via Pork Be Inspired)

So now when you’re grocery shopping you’ll find what used to be a loin chop is now a Pork Porterhouse Chop.  Take a look at some of the changes:

  • Pork Porterhouse Chop (Previous name: Loin Chop)
  • Pork Rib-Eye Chop, Bone-In (Previous name: Rib Chop Center)
  • Pork Rib-Eye Chop (Previous name: Rib Chop)
  • Pork New York Chop (Previous name: Top Loin Chop)


Be sure to visit the Pork Be Inspired Facebook page and answer trivia questions to win an exclusive recipe and coupons for pork. The grand prize is $1,000 and you can play the game daily to score new recipes and unlock new coupons.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of  The National Pork Board. The opinions and text are all mine.

Crafty Mom Challenge: 4th of July Trifle

Last week I shared that I’ll be tackling new pins every week in my weekly column called Crafty Mom’s Weekly Challenge at CafeMom’s The Stir. I’m excited about this because it forces me to tackle pins that I’ve been meaning on getting to, and also…I get paid for it. PINTEREST WIN!

Considering I’m not exactly talented in the craft department  (I mean I love to TRY them, but I’m no Amy Locurto) I was pleasantly surprised with last week’s tie dye win and am equally pleased with this week’s 4th of July trifle. Maybe my Mom has been right all these years. I really AM a winner!

Watch me make my 4th of July trifle in my latest episode at The Stir and determine whether this is something YOU could do too.

What are you cooking up for the 4th?