Writer’s Workshop: Top 10 Family TV Shows I’d Like To Make A Comeback

I remember watching family TV shows together. We sprawled out on the living room floor with pillows and blankets. Mom sat on the sofa folding laundry or braiding our freshly washed hair.

Dad had “his” recliner that we weren’t really allowed to sit on…except for that one time when I was sick and promised I wouldn’t throw up on it…and then I threw up on it. And then I couldn’t sit on it anymore. And then he died. And then I not only sat on it, but my sister and brother and I practiced diving over it by getting a running start and ramming our bodies into it so that it would flip us over. And then it broke. Sorry about that Dad. Guess you shouldn’t have died.

Anywho, before all that we watched family TV shows together and they had positive messages and fun story lines. They were not only enjoyable for kids to watch, but adults were enamored with them too.

I don’t know what’s happened to TV these days. Where are the family shows?

iCarly. Is. Killing. Me.

We have millions of channels now and yet there’s nothing I’d like to sit down and watch with my kids. Why is this? Am I too picky? Are they old enough to watch the Real Housewives of All Counties yet? Because I could be good with that.

I propose a Come Back And Make A Comeback Channel. We’ll call it CBC and these will be the first ten shows we’ll reinstate:

1. The Cosby Show.
Because Cliff is a nut, Rudy is adorable, and the family lip syncing/dance routines were AWESOME.

2. Saved By The Bell
Does it need to be said? The show just plain never should have ended. They should have stayed in high school forever.

3. My Two Dads
Because who DOESN’T want two Dads? Always good to have a back up I say.

4. Small Wonder

5. Rags to Riches
Glee minus the sex…what’s not to love? My sisters and I were obsessed with this series.

6. Silver Spoons
A mansion. An indoor train. And Carlton Banks. Every child’s dream come true.

7. Growing Pains
Because show me a brother and sister who can’t relate to the love/hate relationship between Mike and Carol. And alsoMike’s best friend’s name is Boner.

8. Who’s The Boss
Because there’s a serious deficiency in hot Italian housekeepers in today’s shows.

9. Charles In Charge
Because there’s a serious deficiency in hot Italian babysitters in today’s shows.

(Did I just call Charles hot? Is he even Italian?)

10. Hey Dude
Because teens spending their summer on a Dude Ranch is just plain rad.

Who am I kidding, that was the worst show ever and pretty much the only thing there was to watch all summer. May it rest in peace.

Now it’s your turn!

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The Prompts:

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