Viral Videos Of The Week: Skidboot Parody

One might say I have a bit of an obsession with YouTube videos…making them, watching them, finding fun people to follow.

Here are some of my most recent favorites:

I remember watching Skidboot when he made his debut appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show. This dog is phenomenal and this video alone has racked up over 5 million awestruck views:

I had forgotten all about Skidboot until a couple weeks ago when my friend Jessi put together this hilarious Skidboot parody:


Other videos you must watch?

This sweet guy finding out he’s going to be a grandpa during his daughter’s pregnancy reveal made me cry (11 million views!):

pregnancy reveal

This funny dad compiled three months worth of Saturday morning snippits that are supposed to portray parenthood at it’s core (2 million views):


And the cast of The Lion King made me want to travel everywhere with them. Apparently they never stop performing (16 million views!):

lion king

A Day At The Office

I shared this video on Facebook the other day and I love it too much to leave it there. Watch these co-workers as they put together an impromptu Backstreet Boys performance. It will make you ridiculously happy (click through to view videos…I’m too lazy to link to them all separately):

Too bad all days at the office can’t be that happy…sometimes people get angry at equipment that doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to:

And sometimes people at the office get angry at each other!:

Or just tear the whole damn office apart:

Things would be a lot simpler if the boss would just call in sick to work, wouldn’t it?:

Just another day at the office!

The Woot Stops Here

(Pssst…writing prompts below).

I’m kind of a Word Snob because try as I may I simply cannot get behind LOL and FTW and muah and woot and much more.

I’ve done my darndest to avoid ever typing LOL because even when I think something is REALLY funny, I’m rarely actually laughing out loud. Especially if I’m sitting and reading and you’re not Chelsea Handler.

In addition to LOL and it’s variations, I also hate FTW.

For the win?


Are you Paula Abdul?

Are you shooting both hands in the air and shouting “touchdown!”

No. You’re not.

But my least favorite word is Woot.

Watch what happens when Woot is used in real life.

The Woot Stops Here

(If you can’t view the video you can find it here.)

The Woot Stops Here